Prosense Theme for Blogsome User

December 28, 2010
Prosense Theme of Wordpress is a very great theme for Adsense ads users. This template is fully widgetize of Adsense ads. A 160 x 600 in the middle sidebar section. A 468 x 15 link ads at the top of the post content on the main page. A 250 x 250 content ads on each single post. And a 336 x 280 content ads on the bottom of each individual post.

Prosense Theme For Blogsome

This theme is proven effective for your Adsense ads campaign. It can really maximize your Adsense revenue if you have 500 to 2000 unique visitor a day on  your Blogsome blog. If you like this theme and want to use it in your Blogsome blogs I will share my very own version of it for Blogsome Blogs. You can download the four text file Smarty codes of it in the download link below. The zipped file contains the index, post, wp-layout, and comments text files. Enjoy using it to your Blogsome blog and don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below if you like this theme.

Download it here: Prosense Theme for Blogsome