Most Popular Nursing Scrub Styles

June 13, 2011
Hospitals and clinics are in need of different variety of styles of nursing scrubs, why? In most cases different colors and styles of scrubs are use by hospitals to differentiate patient care staffs to licensed patient care personnel including the unlicensed assistive personnel and the non-patient care support staffs. In some acute care facilities or larger hospitals some rules are made regarding what to wear non-regulation scrubs to identify non-surgical units. In some hospitals they sometimmes extend the practice to differentiate non-staff members or visitors by wearing different style and color of scrubs. In pediatricians' offices and children's hospitals these practices were applied by wearing scrubs that was featured with cartoon characters and cheerful prints and it is sometimes printed of various holidays pictures throughout the year. In university hospitals different color of scrubs are also found to their students to identify their school. That's why variety of styles of nursing scrubs are indeed in need today. But what are the most popular scrub styles preferred by most of the medical personnel?

One of these styles is the Mock Wrap Nursing Scrub. This type of style is usually incorporated into fashionable nursing scrubs. The reason is that this scrub is look quite professional and also includes lots of fashionable designs in it. And because of the stylish look of this scrub they are very good for personal caregivers as well as to hospital employees. This scrub is also come up with many different prints and often printed in a little detailed or unique styles. This style of scrub is mostly popular among women in the medical society because of being fashionable.

Another one is the V-Neck Nursing Scrubs. This style of scrubs is much simpler than the mock wraps nursing scrubs. And beacuse of inexpensive price of this scrub, it became the most popular style of scrubs for medical ppersonnels. This style is also come up with wide variety of prints addition to the basic solid colors. Some prints are made only for women and some only for men. Since this style of scrub is a v-neck, it is much comfortable than the tight, round-neck style of scrubs. For more detailsof this style of scrubs you can check this link:

And lastly the Fashion Nursing Scrub or sometimes called Collection or Name Brand Scrubs. This style of scrubs may have a scoop neck, kimono sleeves, a belt, or patch pockets which is designed by some name brands or designers. This style of scrubs come up with many unique designs and creative color combinations with the details that you have to expect for well-designed and high quality nursing scrubs. Because of its unique designs and the popularity of the designers or the brand it is a bit more expensive than the mock wrap and v-neck.