How To Manage Your Keyword?

September 22, 2008
Managing your keyword is very important to optimize your webpage/blog. Here are where to put those keyword:

Title Tags: The most common place where to put keywords is on title tag. The title tag identifies the content of a web page and appears at the top of the browser window. Title tag tells search engines and users what a web page is about. The text in title tag is also what the search engines use when they link back to web pages through the search results.

Meta Tags: The Meta Description tag is often used as the summary text in search results. The Meta Keywords tag is no longer a factor in ranking web pages, but if you use the Meta Description tag you can at least have some influence over how your listing is displayed.

Headings: A heading briefly describes the content of the section that follows it, similar to a newspaper headline. Trying to put your keywords here can also add points to get optimize.

Page Content: Here is where the most obvious place to put your keywords. A piece of advice, don’t over do it to insert your keywords here. Try to write naturally so that your visitors are drawn in to your content. If you do that, more visitors will come to your page. Today there are still many SEO's who fret about the ideal combination and placement of keywords on a page. These SEO's would be better served if they spent more time building quality content.


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