Types of "Read More" option in blogger blogs

August 16, 2009
I have seen many topics about adding "Read More" option in blogger and some of them are really difficult to follow. And I categorize them in two. One is the "expandable" and the other one is the "automatic."

What is the "Expandable" type? "Expandable" type is the type that is little too tricky. It needs you to add some codes in your blog template in the upper and lower section of <data:post.body/>. It also needs you to add some other codes in the Post Template section of your blog settings under the Formatting area. It looks like this:

Write summary here
<div class="restofpost">Write rest of post here</div>


<span class="fullpost">


In the homepage all your post will be summarize. Also in the archive pages and label pages. But this type of "Read More" option has several disadvantages. First is it only summarizes the posts that you added the codes above. It will not apply to others that you didn't added the code. This type is not advisable if you already have 50 to 100 posts. Second is, it happen sometimes when you are editing your post content the codes get lost or erase and that needs you to paste the code again. It happens to me when I was using this type. You can get more information about this type of read more option here.

What is the "Automatic" type? "Automatic" type is the type that once you set it up it don't needs you to add more codes in your post content. It automatically summarize your post in the home, archives and labels page. This type is recommended for bloggers that already have 50 to 100 posts in their blog because it automatically summarizes all your posts. This type is using a script called "summary-posts.js" and you need to host this script but you can use the script that was hosted in Quite Random. You can also find instructions of how to install the automatic "Read more" option there. (Browse to it here)

In my next post I will teach you how to directly add the script right on your blog template to speed up the loading of the script.