The Blogger: Beyond the Basics Book

September 26, 2010
The Blogger: Beyond the Basics Book

Hello there new bloggers that uses the blogging platform. I know that as a beginner  blogging with platform can be a bit confusing. I mean, you can easily write a blog and all, but if you really want to get into the design of your blog, the heart and soul, it’s really not easy to work out. Your help is here now, the Blogger: Beyond the Basics.

Blogger: Beyond the Basics will show you all the cool things you can do with your Blogger blog. Anyone who wants to write a blog on Blogger can use this book to learn to use all the tools that Blogger offers their bloggers. Even if you don’t know anything about codes and widgets, you’ll soon find that by using this book, it all becomes crystal clear in no time.

Buy it to this link: Blogger: Beyond the Basics

Everything in this book is explained in plain English so that anyone, at any level, can understand everything in it. If there is a blogging term used, it’s first defined so you’ll understand it when it comes up later. Any codes or widgets you’ll find in the book are broken down so you can follow along. How to add them to your blog is also made perfectly clear for you.

Blogger: Beyond the Basics is full of screenshots. Some of the screenshots will show you what a particular website looks like, while others will help explain to you how to do something. There are also lots of codes that you can add to your Blogger blog. These codes will help you create the blog of your dreams.

Blogger: Beyond the Basics includes everything you’ll need to write a blog using Blogger, and then some. This book teaches many things, things most bloggers don’t even know are possible when writing a blog with Blogger. It starts out with the basics, like how to write a blog. Then moves into how to design your blog, add widgets to your blog, use stats to create a successful blog, and a lot more.

Templates and Web page design are a very important part of blogging, a part that many bloggers don’t even worry about. If you want a successful blog though, you’ll learn that this part of blogging can not be forgotten about. This book teaches you that and shows you many examples of what successful bloggers do with their templates and Web page design to catch the reader’s eye and make them want to read the blog.

You’ll even find a chapter in the book on how to make money with your blog. Of course there’s a section in this chapter on how to use Google Adsense. That’s the biggest tool that websites and blogs use to make money on the Net. In this book you’ll find tips on how to use it to gain the biggest benefit for your blog.

Then you’ll find help in using your blog’s statistics to make your readership numbers increase. This time you’ll be using Google Analytics to find out who’s reading your blog and why they’re choosing your blog over someone else’s. Then you can create more content to draw in more readers.

If you have a blog, are thinking about creating a blog, or have an item you want to sell online, you need this book. There’s a lot of information in this book that you can use to create the best blog you’ve ever created. The little bit of money you’ll spend buying this book will soon be overshadowed when you start making money from your blog.

Anyone who wants to sell something or create a huge audience on the Web will learn something from this blog. If you follow along with the book, and do what it tells you, you’ll have a successful blog in no time. Copy the codes, try the examples and build your blog.