Blogger Generator: How It Works?

June 16, 2010
Lately, I endorse you the BloggerGenerator. But here, I will review how some of it tools works and why it called a Black Hat SEO. The BloggerGenerator package includes BlogPoster Pro, BlogPinger Pro, GrabLinks, BloggerVerifier, 901 Articles, Private Members Forum and Free updates & supports for life. This software is originally programmed for Blogger users. But WordPress users can use it, too. You can purchase this software for $67.00 in But if you wish to try it first, you can get free tools on the website (BlogPoster, BlogPinger, CPanelDomainAdder, & GrabLinks). Its only requires your name and email address.

So How It Works?

Actually I don’t have a full knowledge how it really works. But here I discuss what I learned about Grablinks, BlogPinger, BlogPoster and ArticleGrabber. If you want some reviews this website has.

ArticleGrabber: As the name imply, it simple finds and downloads articles that you want in your niches. Creating bulks of your niches.

GrabLinks: It collects links for your websites. So if the spiders visit your website, the links there will also be followed by the spiders, resulting to index them very quickly.

BlogPoster: This tool as the name implies, it posts your articles on your blog. It also puts your links on your blog that collected by the GrabLinks.

BlogPinger: After collecting articles, uploading links and articles to your blog. BlogPinger pings those search engines and other services on the internet to notify that your posts live. This BlogPinger doesn’t only ping them once. It pings them for many times depending the time interval you set to it.

Why A Black Hat SEO?

Lately in What Is Black Hat Search Engine Optimizers?, I explain that Black Hat SEO is also known as search engine spamming. And this software does that kind of method. It also uses a proxy to mask your IP address. So your IP address will never be banned by the search engines. Using this software can earn you money in an easy way but of course in unethical way.