Blogger’s new user interface is no longer supports Amazon Associates for Blogger

October 14, 2011
Its been months when Blogger lunches its new look and its cool to see this update. You can changes to this update by clicking to the "Try the updated Blogger interface" at the left side of your username or email on the top navigation bar of the older Blogger interface. But if you really like the older one, you can still use it by clicking to the "Switch back to the old interface" on the top navigation bar. Its cool right? But it has one thing that could be 'not okay' for bloggers that monetizes their blogs with Amazon Associates that was added lately on the Monetization Tab of Blogger. Lets see what it is!

In the older look of Blogger, Amazon Associates Tab was added to the Monetize Tab of Blogger and you can add your Amazon Associates ID to start using Amazon products to monetize your blog. But lately this Amazon Associates Tab is not responding properly when you are trying to change some preferences on it, even the Amazon gadget right next the post editor like what you see on the images below.

Why this is happening? One reason is because Amazon Associates Tab is no longer supported in the new user interface of Blogger. You can notice this on the two tabs of the new and old user interface, the Earnings Tab and Monetize Tab. These two tabs are same in functionality. Except that the new user interface don't have the Amazon Associates Tab, only the Adsense on Blog and Adsense for Feed menus. But in the old user interface these three menus are present. You can see these differences on the images below. 

But why the old user interface affected by this changes? This is because the new and old user interface uses the same database and mechanics of Blogger. This is the reason why the Amazon Associates Tab and Gadget on the old user interface are not functioning properly even thought the features are still on the old user interface. But we hope that this features will be available in the future for the new user interface of Blogger.

For now, we can use the old-fashioned way in using your affiliate links of Amazon. The 'copy and paste of your affiliate link and images' to your product keywords.