Styles of Watches

October 28, 2011
Time is very important to everyone. In our fast-busy world, being on time is the way of life to everyone. That's why owning a watch is extremely an importance. Today, watch came in all different shapes and designs. But whatever design or shape you chose only one thing watches are made for, to tell us the time. Since you found this page to know different style of watches, let's start our discussion immediately and don't let your time be waste for so many words to say. 

Actually there are many style of watches you can find on the market but here I will categorize them only with five basic styles. So, let's start!

First style, are the Jewelry Watches. I quest you know why it's called jewelry watches. This is because these watches are decorated and made by precious materials. Example of these watches are the diamond and gold watches. And some of these watches are also decorated by precious stones like rubys and sapphires. Most of the individuals who has this type of watch are millionaires or from royal families.

Second style, are the Designer's Watches. Why we called it designer's watches? Simply because these watches are made in different designs. It sometimes made with cloth strap and some other material which is made for accessories. Accessory watches are the best example this. And sometimes these watches are made by some very exclusive designers made for style and fashion..

Third style, are the Sports Watches. This style is the most popular style of watch. This style are made for functionality and extra features like compasses, altimeters, barometers, and thermometers. And some of the higher end will even have a "heart rate monitor." Some of the examples of these watches are the navy, dive and Nixon player watch.

The fourth style, are the Gadget Watches. These watches are the gizmos and smart watches. These includes the Nixon time teller watches which tells you the time every hour or every 30 minutes. This also includes the high tech watches, hip hop watches and novelty watches that was focuses on high ends features and functionality.

And lastly the one hand antique style, the Pocket Watches. These style of watches are made to be carried in a pocket. And most of these styles are antiques and have not been reproduce. But there are some companies that are still making of this style of watch. And to some individuals this style of antiques watches are bought for collections.

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